Exhibit of WTC Memorial Plans
Thu Jul 25, 2:24 AM ET
By KATHERINE ROTH, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP) - The building where George Washington was inaugurated is housing an exhibit of proposals for the future of the World Trade Center site, along with photos of the site from the last half-century.

Hundreds of people flocked Wednesday to the opening of the exhibit at New York's Federal Hall, just blocks from ground zero.

Although many visitors said they didn't like any of the six proposals, most were happy with the exhibit and the fact that the public has a chance to submit comments to planners.

Edward McCrorie, a professor from Rhode Island, said he didn't feel good about one plan that features 85-story towers. "The first two towers were way too big and we've learned that firemen can't deal with buildings that tall," he said.

Others were unhappy with the plans for the opposite reason.

"I think the trade towers should be rebuilt and I don't see that option here," said Bill Hough, 40, an employee at the city's Department of Transportation. "The exhibit is great. It presents alternatives and context; I just disagree with the proposals here."

The free exhibit, which will be on display through August, consists of design elements and concept plans arrayed in a "Ring of Remembrance" in the hall's rotunda. Photographs of the trade center site from 1949 to Sept. 23, 2001, are on view outside the ring.

Each of the six proposals includes a sprawling memorial plus 11 million square feet of office space to replace the twin towers, and 600,000 square feet each of retail and hotel space.

Tentative deadlines have been set to narrow the six plans down to three by September and to one by December.

The exhibit was organized by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, which is coordinating rebuilding efforts, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the 16-acre site.


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