Woman on 9/11 Victims List is Alive
Wed Sep 11, 7:43 PM ET
By TARA GODVIN, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP) - Nickola Lampley was stunned to see her name flashed on television during the roll call of the 2,801 dead and missing that was the centerpiece of the World Trade Center remembrance ceremony Wednesday.

Lampley, 24, of Brooklyn, was reported missing after the attacks by her sister.

Lampley said she was working about four blocks from the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 and was unhurt. But her sister, Alecia, could not reach her, and told authorities Nickola was missing.

Nickola eventually contacted Alecia, who said she then notified city officials that her sister was no longer missing. She thought that was the end of the matter until this week, when she was told by an Associated Press reporter that a Nickola Lampley remained on the missing-person list.

"We tried calling to tell them that she was fine," Alecia said. "I don't know why her name is still on the list."

City officials could not immediately confirm that Nickola Lampley is the same person as on the official list, but said they are interested in talking with the Lampleys. They have acknowledged that the list used Wednesday might have included names of people who were not killed and excluded some who were.

No remains have been identified for a Nickola Lampley and no death certificate ever issued for her. The name is on a list of about 70 people who are still classified as missing.

Police Inspector Jeremiah Quinlan, who supervises the missing person effort, said the Lampley case is still considered an open investigation.

He noted that the massive effort to document and investigate missing-person reports was not flawless. "This system was designed to capture as much information as possible and then sort it out," Quinlan said.


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