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I would like to urge all visitors to see the pages
that are linked to the gifts and awards below!
I have made a serious attempt to make sure they
all have a link, but some have slipped through the
crack and would appreciate any help in this area.

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Treasured Site Award

America In Mourning

SeattleMom's Heart of America Award

Knightyme's Personal Choice Award

Kaye's Homepage Award

God Bless America

I just finished exploring your site again. I must tell you that your
backgrounds and layouts are awesome. You definitely deserve the
enclosed award (I hope you like it ..... your site wasn't designed
for any of the awards that I give out regularly so I designed
one especially for ya). Keep up the fantastic work .........
Your site looks incredible : )
Peace & God Bless,

Web Excellence Award

Military Award for Patriotism

What a site  you have put together. One of the "Best" I've seen as far as a
tribute to 9/11. Attached please find your Award, and My Top Award for
Patriotism as well. Let me know when and where I may view them as to
add your website to My Winners list.  Bill

DreamPainter World - Memorial Site Award

Hi Michael... Your site is really awesome ! I would take
greatpride in adding it to my list of links if you would let me.
ANd here is your are the first to receive it !
Thank YOU for having such a wonderful site !
Big hugs,

Thank You All
for these Beautiful Awards and Gifts!

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