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I would like to urge all visitors to see the pages
that are linked to the gifts and awards below!
I have made a serious attempt to make sure they
all have a link, but some have slipped through the
crack and would appreciate any help in this area.

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LadyJ's World

What a wonderful tribute to the victims, their families, and our country!
You have done a wonderful job supplying statistics and information.....and
links to supply us with even more news.hope you enjoy your award
and I agree with you in that I hope no one ever forgets.

America In Mourning

your beautiful awards have inspired me of making one of my own..
I would behonored if you would accept it for your site..of course if
you do, please dolink it back to
I hope you like it.. thanks for everything

Lindy's World of Feelings

You have an exceptional memorial site which has taken a tremendous
amount oftime, skill and design excellence.  I would never know that
you are fairlynew to web design.  I enjoyed surfing your site and spent a
considerableamount of time there.  You have every reason to be
proud of this entiresite.  I haven't seen any tribute sites which include
as much information asyour site.   It is outstanding.
It was my pleasure to visit you.

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Godlen Web Awards

        American Memorial Tribute has been reviewed
        and chosen to bear the 2001-2002 Golden Web Award.

God Bless America

Hope all is well. Enclosed you will find a new award that I
have designed. Feel free to use either of the awards that I have
sent you or both. It's up to you.

God Bless America

Heaven's Lights....My Dream Castle

September 11, 2001

have recieved so many awards and seen so many excellent sites that I have
created an award to send to people whose sites impress me. I am a fan of
good HTML. You are the firstAnyway, if you would link the award to September 11,
2001, The Day that Changed the World.</A> I would appreciate it.
Have a Great Day!
Robert Elvin

God Bless America

I have visited your wonderful site and spent some time there.
  You have done a great job. I have attached No 2 award for your site,
can you please link to

Thank You All
for these Beautiful Awards and Gifts!

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