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I would like to urge all visitors to see the pages
that are linked to the gifts and awards below!
I have made a serious attempt to make sure they
all have a link, but some have slipped through the
crack and would appreciate any help in this area.

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Whispering Activist a.k.a Martha Jones

AMTawd.jpg (17013 bytes)

       I came across your site from a link posted on Martha Jones pages
       and was impressed with what I saw.  You've done a fine job with
       your tribute and I'd like to offer the attached award in recognition of a
       job well done!  Please accept it with my congratulations and best wishes.

        Dave's Home Port:
        USA United We Stand

AMT2awd.jpg (18009 bytes)

Iíve attached another award, one that I have been designing to replace
(wasnít really satisfied with it) the award I sent to you already. 
Please feel free to display both.

THANKYOU1.jpg (22678 bytes)

BLESSING.jpg (42911 bytes)

FRIENDSHIP.jpg (14592 bytes)

Hi Michael, thank you for your stunning award ,
We will proudly present it on our new homepage (which is still under
heavy construction). The content of the new page will be the same, but
the design will (hopefully) improve :-) We let you know AUTOMATICALLY
when your award is online (will be in early summer 2002). You can use
our actual URL for your winners site. There will be a permanent
re-direction link for at least 2 years. But you may also link to the new
new URL which is content- and design-wise still identical with the old
one: - In the meantime we like to offer you
our "Thank You Award!", a peonia flower from our garden in Ireland for
your kindness and as a symbol of our cyber-friendship. Hope you enjoy!
It may even be that you receive another award at a later stage, and
after revisiting your place again in a few weeks time.
With love and rainbows from Ireland,
Hans and Thomas aka The Cybermonks :-)

Hi-Thanks a bunch!  I would like for you to visit my page that has had so many visitors-in one week I had 10,000!
It has 31,103 now!!  I just couldn't believe it!  I'll proudly put your awards on my site!!!!  Also, on the page I just gave you so everyone can visit your beautiful tribute site.
God Bless and God Bless America-
aka:  Grannie Janie
P.S. I am modestly attaching my award to you.  I'm in the process of fixing it to transparent, I'm sorry it's the way it is.  I hope you like it.

Hi there.  I just want to first say thank you for your recent application for our award.  You have done an awesome job on your memorial page and we would be honored to link it to ours.  Secondly,  I would like to appologize for taking so long to get this award sent to you.  Thanks again for your interest.


Thank You All
for these Beautiful Awards and Gifts!

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