Attack on America
Video Tribute Montage


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 I came across a file named "Attack on America Video Tribute Montage" and downloaded it, since this file was available on P2P I should be able to offer it "As Is" for download.  I did place the file in a Zip Archive reducing it in size from over 56MB to just under 22MB.

You can either use Windows Compressed Folders to open it or if  you need a utility to handle Zip Archives, you can visit C|Net's and seach for a Zip Utility.


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Author:  Steven Wood of Stanford, CT
Attack on America Video Tribute Montage.mpg         56.6 MB (59,430,736 bytes)
  Video                                                        21.9 MB (22,994,561 bytes)

You should be able to use any Media Player to view the movie once it is downloaded and removed from the zip archive.

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