A Nation that Stands Together Forever As One

On September 11, 2001, America was terrorized
by faceless cowards who tried to tear us apart.
Little did they know that they only drew us closer;
Made us one Nation united under one heart.

Yes, America is a Nation of many nationalities;
We may have our differences but we stand as ONE.
When you chose to use our own airplanes as weapons,
You instantly knew all you could do was run.

The whole world saw your acts of destruction.
And, they instantly came to our defense.
For they know America stands for freedom.
And we will not stand for the murder of innocence.

Yes, you chose to attack America on our home soil.
Oh, you did it with the wrong President in control.
 He will remember each face of the Americans you killed.
And he will bring you out of your deepest hole.

This has been referred to as another Pearl Harbor.
They, too soon realized their act of defiant.
For when they informed the Emperor what they'd done,
He said, I'm afraid we've awakened a sleeping giant.

Sixty years later, you've awaken that same Sleeping Giant.
She shall not sleep again until each of you are found.
For you took it upon yourself to attack Americans.
Now you must pay for the blood spilt on our home ground.

Americans & the world saw the destruction you caused.
Oh you turned America into a battle zone.
But around the world, our Allies came to our aid.
They took our hand & let us know we're not in this alone.

You thought by bringing terror to our great country,
you could destroy a beautiful & glorious land.
Instead, you just reminded us what we stand for ...
And that's something you faceless cowards can't understand.

Oh yes, you have hurt us more than you can know.
But there's no way you can comprehend.
We are united even stronger as a nation of freedom.
And this same freedom we shall forever defend.

You may have thought you could destroy us;
America ... the land of the free & the brave.
Oh but your actions drew us even closer together.
As one strong nation, we'll send you to your grave.

For you have brought America & others to our knees.
Oh but we have not fallen in despair.
Your evil deeds have touched the entire world ...
And brought us all to our knees in prayer.

To the many thousands that lost their lives that day,
may you shine upon us with every morning sun.
And know that each of you shall be loved & remembered
by a Nation that Stands Together Forever as One.

~God Bless America~& All of our Allies
Copyright 2001 Kaye Des'Ormeaux
September 28, 2001

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