I Didn't Mean to be a Hero

Kathy Kiley

I didn't mean to be a hero
I was only at my desk
or walking to the cooler
or meeting with the rest

I didn't know what hit me
all at once I'm on the floor
I hear people screaming
I headed for the door

I didn't know that I would die
it never crossed my mind
I never made it out of there
my body, they'll never find

When I finally realized
that death would be my plight
I looked around at all the panic
and then I saw the light

And I saw you,
I saw your face
it calmed me down
like an embrace

I wish I could have called you
I wanted you to know
the fight we had was silly
I should have let it go

If I knew why I would perish
you would not hear me cry
the smoke is all around me now
there's no time for good bye

Some are jumping out the windows
I sit here and pray
that you will know I love you
and I will be okay

I thank my Lord for all he gave
he was generous to me
I beg his mercy for my sins
and ask for just one plea

watch over them, the ones I leave
they are so filled with despair
let people come from all around
let people show they care

for it is you I am concerned for
you're missing me I know
I see your tears I feel your hurt
why did I have to go?

answers we may never know
how can we understand
an act of hatred and cowardice
tragedy in our land

the building now is giving way
counting down to zero
sorry that I had to go
I didn't mean to be a hero

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