(Designed to be used to reflect upon the events of the Attack on  America--September 11, 2001)

   Please use the following questions as prompts or thought provokers to write  out the facts, and the thoughts, feelings, emotions you experienced during  and in the subsequent days following Tuesday's tragedy. It is not necessary  to answer any or all of them. Just select from them what might help you tell  the story of this time in our lives. See also the abbreviated outline at the  end, which may be easier for you or for others to use. The important thing is  to capture on paper a record of your reactions before time dims our memories.

  1. Where were you and what were you doing when you first heard the news of  the Attack on America, Sept. 11, 2001?
  2. What were your first thoughts and feelings upon hearing the news?  (Amazement, disbelief, horror, sadness, anger, other.) What were the first  things you commented on?
  3. What were you wearing, what kind of food did you eat, were the kids at  school, how old were you and your family members, what kinds of jobs did you  have to do that day, etc.?
  4. How did your thoughts change as you watched it unfold?
  5. Where were your family members and other close friends or relatives at the  time?
  6. How did you connect with your family and friends to reassure yourself of  their safety and well being?
  7. How has this affected your feelings of personal safety and security? Now  and for the future?
  8. What kinds of coping mechanisms did you observe from yourself and close  family and friends? (Sit and watch TV24/7, get back to work, unable to work,  guilty, sad, depressed, etc.)
  9. How have your personal beliefs or religion helped you during this time?
  10. Has this event rekindled or strengthened your feelings of patriotism?
  11. Did you participate in any group functions and/or the National Day of  Prayer and Remembrance and if so, what did you do?
  12. How has this impacted on your views regarding other cultures, religions,  ethnic groups, humanity, etc.?
  13. Did you perceive a difference in the people you met in public places?  (More friendly, more fearful, no noticeable change, etc.)
  14. How do you feel about civil liberties vs. the curtailment of some of the  freedoms we have taken for granted in the USA to date?
  15. Does your frame of reference include feelings of forgiveness,  retribution, revenge, or other thoughts regarding the perpetrators of the  attack?
  16.  What visual images will stay with you for a long time?
  17. What message would you want to write to your children and future  generations as a result of this experience?
  18. How has this event changed what is important to you?


On Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, I first heard the news of the attack on the 
World Trade Towers in New York City as I was . . . . .

My first reaction was one of . . . . .

After I realized what had happened, the first thing I did was . . . . .

As the events unfolded, I began to feel . . . . .

The first loved ones I thought of were . . . . .

And I tried to contact . . . . .

I found myself coping by . . . . .

The visual images that will stay with me are . . . . .

The most important thing that has come out of this tragedy for me is . . . . .

  ** Compiled by Creative Memories Exec. Director Vicki Morgan, September,  2001 . . . . .


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