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This is a PRO-American group of men and women who are interested in making a scrapbook to document the tragic events on September 11. It is a way for us to say "We Will Never Forget", and then making sure we never do. It is a way for us to tell our future generations what we were thinking, what we saw, what we felt, and what we did on that day and as a result of that day. For many of us, it is a kind of therapy.

Please feel free to join and share completed layouts, pictures, articles, poems, tributes, testimonies, scriptures or anything else that would help us to create touching layouts about 9-11. Or come on in and see what we've done ourselves!

There is a very strict flaming policy on this list, Flames of any kind, directed at any person on or off list will not be permitted and will result in immediate action by the list moderators. This is a family friendly list, so please keep the younger members of our list in mind while making any post. No swearing please. SPAMing is also forbidden. Advertisements relating to scrapbooking are permitted, but please keep them to a minimum. Excessive advertisers will be warned privately through email first before further action is taken.


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