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September 11, 2002 Net Ring Rules

1) Sites submitted to the Ring must be September 11 oriented 
or at least have a page dedicated to the events of September 11

2) If you choose to place the ring fragment on a different page 
than the URL of your page, be sure to fill in the Ring URL Field

3) Your site must be 100% FAMILY SAFE (for all of ages). 
NO Adult Material (adult links, nudity, pornography, or profanity) 
nor any promotion of illegal activities (such as SPAM).

4) Be sure you abide by the RingSurf Terms of Service

Ring Fragment / HTML Rules

1) Site-ID's will be automatically assigned through Web Ring 
system and the HTML / Ring Fragment will be available after you 
sign up and also sent to the email address you provide at sign up.

2) Your Web Site will remain in the Ring Queue until the Fragment
is placed correctly on your Web Site.  You will have Seven (7)
Days to complete this or your Web Site will be removed from the
Ring Queue and you will have to reapply for inclusion to the Ring

3) The Ring Fragment must appear on the URL of your Web Site 
or the alternate URL you specify at signup (NO Exceptions)

4) I have Complete Control over the Net Ring, Accepting or Denying
Web Sites and Editing Information listed in the Net Ring Directory.

5) I also check the Status of Ring Fragments on Member Web 
Sites from time to time and will Queue any site that either does 
not have the Ring Fragment Present, Fragment is incorrect, or 
the Fragment appears on a page other than the one you have 
listed.  Your Site will be placed in the Queue and an email sent 
to inform you of the problem.  You will have Seven (7) Days to 
correct the problem or your Web Site will be removed completely.

6) In order to relieve some of the stress on the Hosting Server, I 
will no longer allow linking to the image from this website.  You
will need to save the image and upload it to your server.  You can
Right Click on the Image, in the Fragment Above, and then Click
on "Save Target As" to download the image to your computer.

If you have any questions or concerns, Please Email Me!

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