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Comments / Suggestions Received


I am in awe of your effort.  I hope this site stands forever. 
 No one should forget what was done to use.  I say that not 
with revenge in my heart but love for my city NY. Thank you
Editors Note: Thank You!

i would like to order a t-shirt, but cannot find a way to pay by money order
Editors Note: There are no Tshirts for sale on this site. 
 Although there are many sites out there that do

I am a Canadian and still I feel grateful for those American and Canadian 
 forces fighting for "ALL" to have the feeling safely of freedom once again! 
Thank-you there is no way to explain the gratitude that the world has for
 your sacrifice! I am an ex- Canadian reservist and would give anything to be 
 at the side of the freedom protectors.... whether that be Canadian or American.
God Bless ALL and May our hearts never fell again this burden of pain!
Editors Note: AMEN!

The file, 8 megs, with music by Enya.
Editors Note: Not sure if this is the one you are 
looking for

 parody lyrics
Editors Note: Interesting, will look into that. 

This site found me peace about 9-11. even though 
 it took a few tears.  I hope the nation wont forget

Editors Note: There have been a lot of tears shed
putting this site together and it has been helpful.
We Wish Everyone Peace and Remembrance!

Schedule of possible planned events for the year anniversary 
of 9/11/01.  I still liked the site VERY much. It is well done.

Editors Note: Good Suggestion, We'll look into it!  Glad you
liked the site and Thank You!

Maybe some patriotic music (playing softly) in 
the background on each page would be nice.

Editors Note:  Music has been added to several pages.
On some pages this is not possible, though.

I think you should add types of events that can be scheduled at school
I think you should focus more on events that Teachers can use at school

Editors Note: This would be a noble cause, but this is a personal site and
is not qualified in providing such a service

I think that this is the best web to see pictures,& vidoes. When I saw 
those vidoes I began to cry and its mostly srange that a 13 year old girl 
 crys about the wtc. Well I did lost one of my famliy memember but its 
ok cuz i never knew her. This web is a best that I've seen!!
Editors Note: Thank You for Visiting!  Glad You Enjoyed Your Visit! 

Looking for a few Aerial Photos of WTC
Editors Note: You may wish to visit the page below

Thank you for putting this site together.  I know the time it took, 
not an easy task!  Thank you and God Bless
Editors Note: Yes, it has been very time consuming, but well worth it!

Also looking for printable images for a company bulletin board
Editors Note: Printable Images?  Not exactly sure what you're looking for.

This is a great site i just wish you had more on the missing people
Editors Note:   There are many sites with the Missing and Lost.  At some
point, there will be more information/images added to this site.

looking for facts and information for a lesson 
for 7th & 8th graders at school
Editors Note: While I am attempting to document the events
of Sept 11, I'm not qualified to produce School Lessons.

 make a nice statement to mark bingham
Editors Note: 

thank you.  I've been searching everywhere, but this is all I needed :)
Editors Note: You're Very Welcome

Editors Note: Thank You!

Great job< Michael
kathy on yahoo scrappin' group
Editors Note: Thanks Kathy ;-)

I THINK YOU SHOULD ADD:   the firefighters in the 
building and people dieing and all the people cring and praying..

the heroes and the FIRE. . . 
Editors Note: Perhaps, but not at this time.

Its a great site and everyone should visit it. It really 
shows what its like and gives you feelings. Its great!
Editors Note: Thank You Very Much!!

just thank you for this site
Editors Note:  You're Welcome 

Editors Note: Thanks and Hugs from USA!

i was looking for any pics of people that were missing
Editors Note: There are a multitude of sites with this.

Keep up the awesome work,  it is greatly appreciated
Editors Note: We'll do my Best!  Thanks!!

I maybe from far away in New Zealand 
but I just want to say Thank you.
Editors Note: Thank You for Making the Trip!

I loved the site.  A song you may want to add though... 
Heaven by Dj Sammy (I think) 
did a remix and it is unbelievable
Editors Note: Thanks for the Tip, I'll check it out!

A place to give a memorial tribute
Editors Note: After I had started my site and looked
around at others, many were already doing this and
I didn't feel the need to be redundant.

i dont know, my friend emailed me 
about meet me in the stairwell
Editors Note: You'll find that here: 

i am very happy with site and other like it, because we
 need to remember the people that died and help.  I want 
 to say thank you for having this so my kids can understand 
 a little more of what happened then and what it is really 
like some places in the world
Editors Note: This site was created for people like you!

Unexpectedly emotional site. Very well done. 
A better tribute and memorial to all involved, 
victims and heroes alike, would be hard to imagine.
 Bless you and this wonderful country.
Editors Note: Thank You  and Bless You Too!

Thank you for all of your efforts.  I had saved so much 
of this on my computer at the time of 9/11, but I dropped it 
and it wiped out my hard drive...losing everything in the computer.  
I was delighted to find this site so that I could retrieve many of 
the memories that I had saved at one point or another.
Editors Note: You're Most Welcome!

you did a great job!!! Thank you, I have sent this site to a 
few friends who went to New York on Sept 12, 2001 to help
 (we are all medical personal from detroit) 
and they all said that this site has helped them alot....
Editors Note: Thanks for the insight!

Editors Note: I do continue to add songs and lyrics as I find them.

i think it was very emotional   i found it by accident 
and loved it, referred to family & friends
Editors Note: Glad You like it.  Thanks for the Referrals!

This was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.
Editors Note:  Thank You and You're Most Welcome!

This site had great memorial tribute, ideas and a lot of things 
to remember the pass and future. Very interesting.
Editors Note:  Thank You!

This was a LOT more than what I was looking for. & that's good. 
All I was looking for was "The American's" By Tex Ritter.
Editors Note:  Glad You liked it.

How children feel about this event in time
 how everyone includeing children were affected by this tragity
Editors Note:  Interesting Thought

i think this web site is a wonderful ideal  keep up the good work we need 
to remember those that were lost on 9/11  good job  god bless you and all
Editors Note:  Thank You Very Much!

Your side is very very good... I lost good compamy in the south tower 
and this side is so full of emotions it just got me and while writing this 
floods of tears are running down my face...
  thanx for givin the lost ones a place to be remembered...
 i miss you girls you always had been everything to me 
why you
 why not me
 you were so much more than me
 you were jewels...

Thank you. I needed this site to help me deal with it.
Editors Note:  You're Welcome

I just got a computer this week. 
  Last night was the first time I viewed this web site
   and I have already forwarded it to a friend. 
   I plan on spending a lot more time reading this website.
I do want thank everyone who takes the time to keep it going.
Editors Note: Thank You, Welcome to the Net, and Happy Surfing!

Great Page!  Thank you.
Editors Note:  You're Welcome

One can look at Born in the different ways...
  it dose not dis. the 9/11 deaths.. that all i got to say!!

Its great.  Some of those poems made me tear up, 
 and Im glad to see the lyrics to "heaven" on here.
Editors Note:  Glad You Liked it.

I would like to thank you for putting this out there on to net.
  I lost my aunt that day and to know that there are people out 
 there that care makes a difference.
Editors Note:  You're Very Welcome!

Bless you for such a touching site
Editors Note:  You're Very Welcome!

 the after effects of 9/11 and what is being do to stop it from happing again
this is a good site over all
Editors Note:  One needs only to watch or read the news.

I am from Calgary Alberta Canada & I have started a memorial of 
my own to honor the people who died on september 11/2001.

        Yours truly
             John Forsythe
Editors Note:  Best Wishes, John!

I found your site in looking for items for my brother's 
deployment album, you were great help! Thanks!!!
Editors Note:  You're Very Welcome!

I LOVE this site, it was exactly what i was looking for and it some 
of the songs i found went absolutely wonderful with my slide show
 presentation. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  God Bless
Editors Note:  You're Very Welcome!

I'm really curious about who the little girl is in 9/11 DJ Sammy "Heaven"
Editors Note:  I have done many searches and made even more inquiries
and the only thing I found was the article, now listed on the lyrics page

i love this site especially the song Heaven its really sad and touching
Editors Note:  You're Very Welcome!

I THINK YOU SHOULD ADD THE FOLLOWING:   nothing. it's fine the way it is.
Just want to say, thank you for honoring our country. :-)
Editors Note:  You're Very Welcome!

In general this is a good site... Keep up the good work! :o)
Editors Note:  I will continue to try my best!

Very good site.  And any man or woman that shows this much support for the USA is a brother or sister of me.
Editors Note:  You're Very Welcome!

The Lyrics of Heaven 9-11 Tribute by DJ Sam
Editors Note:  It's already here, see the link below:

The recording of the little girl reading a letter to her dad over the 
song that goes "maybe you're all that i need, when i find you here in 
my arms. maybe you're al that i need, you're in heaven." that's the chorus
, i don't know the title. it's been going around on email.
Editors Note:  The Song is "Heaven - 9/11 Remix"  by DJ Sammy
and is already on the website and has been for some time, it
is also the #1 Download for the past 3 months!

Thank you for such a beautiful gift I still shed a tear as I see even the 
resemblance of images that unfolded that day.  America must never forget.  
What a beautiful and wonderful tribute.  Thank you ....God Bless!
Editors Note:  You're Very Welcome!




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